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We've a range of Group Exercise classes across our three centres to help you keep fit.

Update 17 May 2021 - indoor classes will resume on 24 May. Booking opens 18 May at 9am. Please see the timetable below.
Outdoor classes will run until 23 May.

You can also access our Exercise at Home classes from earlier this year.

Outdoor Class Timetable

  • All classes have 14 places and will take place outside weather permitting
  • Participants should go straight to the outdoor area where they will be met by the instructor
  • In the event of poor weather, we will give notice of class cancellations on our Facebook page and on this page up to one hour before the class is due to start.
    Please note at Ards, due to the surface it may be necessary to cancel a class following rain even if dry at the class time.
Ards Blair Mayne
All classes take place on the Event Space

Group Cycle 9.30am to 10am
RT24 5.30pm to 6pm

Kettlebells 10.30am to 11am
Group Cycle 6.30pm to 7pm

RT24 12.30pm to 1pm

Bootcamp 5.30pm to 6.15pm

Easy Circuits 10.30am to 11.15am
Group Cycle 6.30pm to 7pm

Group Cycle 9.30am to 10am

Kettlebells 30 5.30pm to 6pm

Bootcamp 9.30am to 10.15am

Group Cycle 11.30am to 12pm

Comber Leisure Centre
All classes take place on the outdoor pitch

Monday Bootcamp  5.15pm to 6pm
Tuesday Bootcamp 9.30am to 10.15am
Wednesday Bootcamp 5.15pm to 6pm
Thursday Bootcamp 9.30am to 10.15am
Friday Bootcamp 5pm to 5.45pm
Saturday Bootcamp 10.30am to 11.15am

Portaferry Sports Centre
All classes take place on the MUGA

Monday Circuits 6pm to 6.45pm
Tuesday RT24 Cardio 6pm to 6.30pm
Wednesday RT24 Resistance 6pm to 6.30pm
Thursday Circuits 6pm to 6.45pm

Centre Fitness Classes

Each of our classes fall into a particular type of exercise as set out below. This allows you to choose the type of exercise you wish to do or a combination of each type for maximum benefit.

Exercise Types
Energy - PINK
Cardiovascular based classes, to exercise the heart and lungs, increase stamina and burn fat.
Power - BLUE
Strength based classes, to improve all over body strength, condition and tone.
Flow - GREEN
Classes focus on flexibility, posture, core strength and rehabilitation.
Active Ageing - BROWN
Chair based/limited movement exercise class exclusively for those aged 60 or over

Exercise classes are included in memberships and are available to non members, click here for non member prices.