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Classes at Portaferry

View the range of classes available at Portaferry Leisure Centre.

Please note that due to Health and Safety issues with the Sports Hall Floor, it is currently unavailable for running classes, therefore a temporary timetable is currently in operation.

Exercise Classes

There are three main types of exercise, cardiovascular, strength training and stretching. All three types of exercise are important for physical fitness and therefore to achieve optimum health benefits you should take part in a mix of class types. At our centres we have colour coded the classes to help you choose a weekly mix.

Type/Colour type of exercise
Energy - Pink cardiovascular based classes, to exercise the heart and lungs, increase stamina and burn fat
Power - Blue strength based classes, to improve all over body strength, condition and tone
Flow - Green classes focus on flexibility, posture, core strength and rehabilitation
We also have  
Active Ageing chair based/limited movement exercise class exclusively for those aged 60 or over

Classes at Portaferry