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Booking Centre Activities

Book your centre activity online.

Prebooking centre activities


Exercise classes, badminton, tennis and pickleball
Bookings can be made by Fitness and Spa, Fitness, Spa and Aqua members can book activities 8 days in advance, Resident and Active Ageing 7 days and all other cardholders and non members 6 days in advance, up to 15 minutes before the start of an activity.

Exercise classes can be booked online, by telephoning the centre or in person at the centre.

Badminton, tennis and pickleball can only be booked by telephoning the centre or in person at the centre.

Splash Pool sessions and parties and Soft Play parties can be booked online, by telephoning the centre or in person at the centre.

All activities must be paid for at the time of booking.


Exercise Classes
Classes can be cancelled up to 1 hour before the start time. Please ensure you cancel any booking you are unable to attend to enable another member to use the place.

Prepaid members, Fitness and Spa, Fitness, Spa or Aqua, can cancel online or by telephone.

Paying members, Resident and Active Ageing and non-members must cancel by telephoning or emailing the centre. Refunds will not be made but the booking will be moved to an alternative date.

Members failing to cancel bookings may have their membership suspended for 7 days. During the suspension time you will be unable to use your membership and no refund or suspension of payment will be made.

Refunds will not be made on any uncancelled bookings. No refunds or booking movement will be provided for classes cancelled with less than 1 hour notice.

All other activity bookings
Refunds will not be made on any bookings.
Bookings can be moved provided the centre is notified by telephone, in person or email no later than one hour before the start of the activity.

Book Online

Click here to access our Online Booking.

Watch a short video on how to register and make your bookings online.

To register online you will need your membership number and a valid email address. The email must be a unique address as two members cannot register using the same email address.

Please see our guides below for how to register and make an online booking.


Book by Telephone

If you are unable to access online booking, you can make a booking by telephoning at the following times:

Ards Blair Mayne

Complex number: 028 9181 2837
Council number: 0300 013 3333 Extension: 40266 or 40202

Comber Leisure Centre

Centre number: 028 9187 4350

Portaferry Sports Centre

Centre number: 028 4272 8833


switching to desktop view on a mobile or table

Too Soon To Book issue on Mobile and Tablet devices

We are aware that some members experience a problem with booking online via a mobile or tablet.

The problem relates to the ‘Too soon to book’ message, which comes up when trying to book a class or gym session and prevents bookings to be made.
This is a software issue that can be overcome by switching to Desktop view of our booking system on your device.

If you are experiencing this problem, scroll to the bottom of your screen where you will find the link to "Switch to Desktop View", as shown on the image by the arrow. Click the "Switch to Desktop View" link to take you to the Desktop View.

We have plans to upgrade our online booking software in the future and ask for your patience until the matter can be fully resolved.