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Corporate Membership

Corporate membership of our centres.

Corporate membership is available for Fitness & Spa, Fitness and Spa membership for Ards, Comber and Portaferry centres.


Are you eligible for corporate membership?

Check the current list of corporate organisations.

If you are eligible for corporate membership you will need to bring along proof of employment or membership of the organisation along with your bank details to set up your monthly payment.


How to set up a corporate membership for an organisation

To start a corporate membership for an organisation, a minimum of 10 memberships must be set up.

The 10 members must not currently hold Fitness & Spa, Fitness or Spa membership at any of the centres. Employees of the organisation who are already members of our centres may change to corporate membership once the minimum of 10 new members has been reached.

Corporate membership is only available on a monthly Direct Debit basis. Payment is taken on 1st working day of the month.

Employees must provide their pay slip, organisation staff pass or notification of membership of a club, when they apply as proof of employment by or membership of the organisation.

Audits of members will be carried out when members will be asked to provide proof to confirm they are still part of the organisation.

Organisations dropping below the minimum requirement will be given time to recruit more members before memberships are upgraded to the current Adult rate. Members will receive 14 days notice of the change to their direct debit payment.

If you would like to set up corporate membership for your organisation contact the Membership Advisor at Ards Blair Mayne. You will need to provide the name and contact details of the person who will be managing the membership for the organisation. 

For more information email: