Swimming Lessons

Our Waves Swim Programme is designed to build your confidence and develop your skills and abilities progressively. There are a wide range of classes for all ages and abilities, from the very young, to those who might think they are too old to learn - don't worry, you're not!

Learning to swim with us

Delivered by friendly, professional instructors, our swimming lessons build confidence in swimmers of all ages and abilities - babies to adults, complete beginners to improvers.

Lessons run in programmes of 10 weeks starting September, November, January and April. Weekly Crash Courses run in July and August.

See below for a description of our classes and the timetable for the current programme.

Our Lessons

Crash Course Swimming Lessons - July and August 2019

Which lesson should I pick?

There's a class for everyone. If you are new to the programme and are unsure what grade you should start at, you will be able to show an instructor what you can do and they will guide you towards the appropriate level.

It's important that everyone joins in and starts at the beginning of each course. You'll only be able to move to the next stage when you can demonstrate the required skills, and this will be noted and signed by your instructor.

As an enrolled pupil, you'll be entitled to complete the full programme using priority enrolment. This ensures you'll have a place at each stage. (Day/time of lesson is not guaranteed).

Please see below for available classes and the skills taught at each stage.

Baby Wave - 18 months or under

Involves babies & parent/carer in the Minor pool

This give young ones a gentle introduction to water.  Parents/carers and children learn skills to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience in the pool.

Baby Wave - 18 months to 3 years

Involves babies & parent/carer in the Minor pool

Children continue to develop their water skills until they are able to submerge and swim unaided.

Toddler Wave - 3 to 5 year olds

New to pool & non-swimmers
Minor Pool
Armbands used

An introduction to the pool. Children learn water confidence and propulsive skills they need to progress to Toddler Wave 1. Those aged under five move to Toddler Wave 1 and five year olds move to Ripples, as directed by the instructor. 

Toddler Wave 1 - 3 to 5 year olds

Non-swimmers / Strugglers
Minor Pool 
Armbands used

Children develop their water skills, swimming a width of the pool on their front, then their back to progress to Toddler Wave 2.  Under five’s move to Toddler Wave 2 and five year olds move to Ripples or Ripples 1, as directed by the instructor. 


Toddler Wave 2 - 3 to 5 year olds

Minor Pool

An introduction to the Frontcrawl. Children swim prone and supine unaided to progress to Toddler Wave 3. Five year olds move to Ripples or Ripples 1, as directed by the instructor. 

Toddler Wave 3 - 3 to 5 year olds

Minor Pool

Development of Frontcrawl and supine skills to 3 metres. Five year olds move to Ripples 1 or Ripples 2, as directed by the instructor.


Minor Pool

This introduces pupils to the pool environment and develops their confidence in water. They must demonstrate a 3 metres prone swim unaided to progress.

Ripples 1

Minor Pool

This class develops Frontcrawl skills. Children must swim 5 metres Frontcrawl and supine to progress.

Ripples 2

More development of Frontcrawl and breathing skills. Pupils must swim one width Frontcrawl with correct breathing and supine to progress.

Ripples 3

Minor Pool

This class develops Backcrawl and refines Frontcrawl to 10 metres to progress.

Ripples 4

Minor Pool

Develops Butterfly and continued development of Front and Backcrawl to 15 metres to progress.

Ripples 5

Minor Pool

Develops Breaststroke and refines stamina, breathing and co-ordination of previous strokes. Pupils must swim 20 metres Front and Backcrawl to progress.

Ripples 6

Main Pool

This Main Pool lesson for develops and improves pupils' stroke techniques and heightens their confidence. After swimming 25 metre practices through deep water, you can progress to Waves Bronze.

Personal Survival Bronze, Silver & Gold

Clothes worn throughout the lesson
Main Pool

Successful completion of personal survival at Bronze level leads on to the Silver and Gold levels. All three require a clothed skills assessment. Those achieving Gold can progress to Stroke & Stamina.

Stroke & Stamina Training

Swimmers 100 metres
Waves Gold
Main Pool

Pupils receive instruction on how to improve their stroke technique whilst swimming drills. Stamina improved through gradual progression in distance for aerobic fitness.

Adults 14 year olds & over

Minor & Main Pool

These classes follow the same format as Ripples to Stroke & Stamina but they are structured to reflect the different needs and abilities of adult non-swimmers and improvers. 

The Benefits of Waves:

  • all our instructors hold A.S.A, I.A.S.A or S.T.A. Teacher Certificates and follow specific course guidelines to ensure a consistency of high teaching standards.
  • you can take the programme at your own pace.
  • assessment sheets are issued to help monitor progress.
  • successful completion at each stage is recognised
  • instruction is given by a team of dedicated instructors who motivate pupils and ensure they fully enjoy their lessons.
  • incorporates the National Curriculum Water Skills Programme.


Lesson Duration

All lessons are 30 minutes long, except for adult lessons which are 45 minutes. Crash course lessons, held in the summer, are one hour long.

Course Duration

Courses are held over 10 weeks (except where Bank Holidays occur). Crash courses are held in one week, Monday to Friday.

Teacher Pupil ratio

  • Baby Wave, Junior and Adult lessons held in the Minor Pool 1:12
  • Toddler Wave and all Main Pool lessons 1:10
  • Where lessons are held in the Minor Pool, the pool is split to allow two lessons to run concurrently.

Juniors (children aged 5 and over)

In the interest of pupils’ progress, parents/carers are only allowed on poolside for 15 minutes in the first and last weeks of lessons.


  • All courses must be pre-enrolled.
  • Application forms and course timetable are available from reception.

If you are currently enrolled on a course then you will have priority enrolment rights. Priority enrolment opens one week before new pupils to the programme may enrol. Please note that existing pupils who fail to enrol on a course within the priority time will have to apply in the usual manner along with other new pupils.

The timetable of lessons and booking dates is available on this page or from the centre. It is important that you enrol for lessons on the dates given in the timetable and that they are strictly adhered to.

Once you have identified your course, come to the centre on the relevant day to complete your application form and make payment. New pupils will be given a card which should be produced when enrolling on other courses.

Enrolment Times

By telephone when paying by Debit or Credit Card:

  • Monday to Friday: 10am to 12 noon and 8pm to 9pm
  • Saturday: 10am to 12 noon
  • Telephone: 028 9181 2837

At the complex:

  • Monday to Saturday: Strictly from 8.30am

We recommend that new pupils enrol in person at reception on the appropriate day.


We are unable to issue refunds under any circumstances.

For your information

Pool Changing

Pool changing is located in the Aqua Zone.

For lessons taking place in the Minor Pool changing is in the blue zone, located immediately left when entering the Aqua Zone. Access to the Minor Pool is from this area.
For lessons taking place in the Main Pool changing is in the purple and green zones with access to the Main Pool via the yellow showers.

Buggies/push chairs should not be brought on to the poolside at any time. Lockers are available in the changing zones for storing buggies and push chairs.

Please Note: The pool temperature will be between 27 degrees and 32 degrees and the air temperature between 28 degrees and 31 degrees for all lessons. Changing facilities will be maintained to agreed standards at all times.